Feeding Others is my Love Language!


I have always been creative. Artistic – not so much, creative – yes. It is just something I was born with and I just can’t help myself. It’s a blessing and a curse. A curse because I just have way too many ideas and visions for those ideas. A blessing because I have way too many ideas.

Those of you that know me, know that I am a passionate foodie. Feeding others and sharing those meals is my love language. It feeds my creative side whenever I want it to and even on those days when I couldn’t put one foot in front of the other, creating in the kitchen always got me through it. It’s the space where I am most relaxed.

As my boys fly the coop, one thing is for sure is that when they return – it’s all about the dinner table. Nothing else matters. They go off and do their thing and don’t want to answer questions, but when it comes to that meal – I have their full attention!! It’s how and when we connect.

So, with them being gone, their curiosity on “how did she do that” is starting to surface. The phone calls, texts and DM’s are usually seeking advice on how to make something or where to find certain recipes on my blog. It’s nice to know that 12 years of hard work, creating content and archiving not only our meals but the stories that went along with the meals, are being utilized.

Attending my No.2’s “parent’s weekend”, last fall, opened my eyes up to the fact that my son was not alone in the distaste for the commissary/dorm cooking. I simply thought that his texts and phone calls, claiming starvation, were just a whole bunch of whining. However, during that visit, I grilled each one of his friends just to see if Isaac was being an entitled chump. 

Consensus – 100% response – the food sucked!

So, I sat on a small chair in Isaac’s dorm room, computer on my lap and while they watched the Giants game projected against the brick wall of his dorm room and ate wings and pizza from Loumalnatis,  I pecked away at my computer keys. It was on that day, in room 410 on the 4th floor of Sheffield Hall that the idea for my next chapter was born. 

What was originally an afterthought for a legacy cookbook for my boys (all of our family favorites) has morphed into this how to guide for young adults as they learn to navigate the big, bad world, especially in the kitchen.

This whole idea from where it was to where it is now was a lonely exploration of persistence. Finding the community inside of Amy Porterfield’s(mentor extraordinaire)  world – helped me move that needle that was always right there – but I needed help seeing it. This community became my “business consultant” but instead of working 1:1 (as I do with my clients), I had 700 people to consult with. And through that I have fostered amazing friendships from here and around the globe and it is in this space that I found the courage, support and inspiration to see this that this idea could be a thing.

You see, I am a self-proclaimed 3D girl. Most of what I have created in the past (jewelry, furniture, stationary, food) are all things that I could physically touch. Creating a digital product was not only uncomfortable to me but foreign. Without the help, understanding and community of DCA (Digital Course Academy), I would have never been able to wrap my head around creating, planning nor launching an online product. 

This does not mean that I will not be releasing 3D products to go along with my first ever digital product, but understanding how each can come together, like peanut butter + chocolate, has been an education that was well worth the initial dollars that I invested in DCA.

Later this week, I will be announcing how you can get your hands on “Dorm Food Sucks and My Kids Are Starving”, but in the meantime you can find out all the latest and greatest on the Fress Instagram Page here

If you are sitting here reading this and have thoughts about pivoting or scaling your idea or already established business, but not exactly sure how to do that – I have some resources that might help you. Amy has a quiz that asks the perfect questions to see if you are even right or ripe for the online space. You can grab it here.

She is also offering a FREE 30 Day Digital Course Kickstarter Bootcamp, where she will be going live, daily, to answer your questions. Here’s the link to jump in! 

I don’t share nor promote things that I don’t love myself. Becoming a partner in sharing all of Amy’s programs has been a learning experience like no other. The more I learn from her and her team, the more I am able to serve my clients in a bigger and greater way. 

Lastly, if you think you have an idea but not sure how to tap into it, I have a FREE questionnaire that might help you figure it out! Grab it here!

Happy Monday! Have a great week!!


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