February Celebrations!

February is a very busy month in our house.  My mom, Isaac and Eli all have birthdays and each one of them have to have their own special event.  I have always made a big deal over their actual birthday.  The day starts out with their breakfast of choice.  The table is set and we all sit down together, regardless if it is a school day or not.  This year Isaac (feb 13th) wanted chocolate chip pancakes and Eli (feb 24th) wanted Belgium Waffles.  The waffles and pancakes were adorned with candles and presents on the side.  Eli wanted Sushi for lunch (took he and Isaac out of school early) and Isaac was content staying at school.  He claimed he really didn’t want to miss his “play” time.  I get that!!!  Dinner is their choice, which usually includes a friend or two and my mom.
They both opted for small parties this year.  Isaac wanted to take his 4 closest friends for Sushi and then have a sleep over.  I was thrilled!  It couldn’t have been easier.  Upon returning from dinner, we all gathered around to sing and eat cupcakes.  They then settled in for a movie.  The 5 of them tried to pull an all nighter, but I just wouldn’t have it.  I happen to love my sleep. After so many years of crazy birthdays, Isaac did say that this was one of his favorites.  Suits me just fine!

Eli turns 11

Eli also opted for a small party.  He took 7 friends, along with his dad, to a Paintball Park.  They started out at our house for lunch and snacks and then came back for cake.  Although this was the most low key of all of his birthday’s, he kept hugging me and repeatedly said, “this was a great day, this was the best birthday ever!”.  There is something to be said for keeping things small and intimate.

I was reading the blogsite (for the first time), Bakerella
who I am really loving.  Well, the day that I visited her site, I found this recipe for a 14 Layer cake
and I just had to make it for Eli’s birthday cake.  Growing up, every Sunday, my dad and I would go to Weby’s Bakery in Studio City.  Each week we would pick up an onion egg bread, sliced, some cookies and piece of seven layer cake, my favorite ( I tried to find something on line to show you.  will continue to search).  So, naturally, when I saw this cake, it brought back so many fond memories that I wanted to give it a whirl.  The photos here are inspired by Bakerella (her cake looks so much better).  The cake got mixed reviews, however it was so fun to make!
I decided to do a 12 layer cake.  I wanted the layers to be a little bit thicker, plus I didn’t know how the layers would bake.  
Preparing the pans with butter and parchment.  I bought the pans at Smart and Final they come in a package of 10.  I just reused two from the first batch that I baked.  This really is a lot simplier than it looks.
I used more batter in each pan than the recipe calls for.  It worked out perfectly.
Here is where I would change things.  I, personally, have a better yellow cake recipe.  This one was good, but I like something a little lighter and flakier.  I will find that recipe and post later on.  I “hated” the center filling on this cake.  As you can see, it was really runny.  However, the buttercream frosting that she suggests for the exterior of the cake is pure perfection. This will now be my basic chocolate buttercream frosting.  It is delicious.  Next time, and there will be a next time, I will make a double batch of the frosting and use that between the layers.  I am looking for a reason to make this cake again, however with a few modifications.
You really cant go wrong with a white cake with chocolate frosting.  So good!

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