Farfel Cookies

I know, these sound super weird.  And to the naked eye, they are weird. But we have to think of creative ways to eat during Passover.  It is really challenging, especially on the kids.  My four year old is the only one not really whining about it.

This morning the kids were asking for pancakes.  And Levi said, “we can’t have pancakes for 8 days, right Mommy?”.  While the other two were pitching a fit, the baby was being very rational.  He gets it.

Miquel’s Grandma Ida made these cookies all the time.  Regardless if it was Passover or not.  My sister in law, Tammy, makes these every year and she has kind of mastered them.  I haven’t made them is probably 15 years and mine did not come out like I remember them.

These are meant to be chunky and hard.  Almost like a hockey puck.  One instinctually knows when eating these that they are going to stick to every organ in your body.  Yet, you eat them (5,6, 7 of them) regardless.  Like I said, I haven’t made these in years.  I think I added too much sugar (the 1 cup) and mine came out more like “thins”.  They were good but a little too sweet.  I proceeded to make another batch with the 1/2 of sugar.  Had I thrown one at my kitchen window I probably could have broken it.
I thought about making another batch with 3/4 cup of sugar, yet opted not to.

I am leaving the farfel cookie making to Tammy.  She’s the expert!

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