Dorm Food Sucks! And My Kids are Starving!!


It’s a funky time – would you agree?

We are all, in some way, being encouraged to stay in doors. Between the multiple raging fires, the increase in Covid cases and the negativity around the political environment – it feels safer for me to be an even bigger homebody than I was before!

In addition, if you have children – they are in some sort of educational institution. And each of them are learning virtually – thus they are spending more and more times indoors. My high schooler is spending 3 1/2 hours on line – virtually learning – and the other 8-10 hours streaming and cussing at his friends on line. I have surrendered into that because the truth is – what else can he really do. Unlike my other two man-children – they are in other states across the country and I am happy to say – this time of isolation is turning them into seriously good, home “chefs”!

As a business advisor (and passionate food blogger), I have used these past 6 months to realign and reidentify how I was going to continue to work. And, with the help of my mastermind – I have gotten super scrappy and moved into the pivot. Still doing what I love to do (helping others tap into their inner genius), I am doing it in a different way – and one that I actually prefer, but I have also circled back to my first love – creating and feeding others.

With so many wanting to pivot and or scale their business, I am actually busier than ever before as a business advisor and strategist (I now have a waiting list) but I have also had the time to get back to a passion project. Cooking and feeding others is part of who I am. And because of that – I wanted to simplify the complicated for my kids by creating a downloadble PDF with some of our favorite recipes but mostly with tips on how to get shit done in the kitchen!! 

But the reality is, all kids can benefit from this 44 page booklet (even some of my adult friends who find making toast challenging – have found this book easy to use)! And today – it is finally available!

This book is a compilation of dozens of years of taking care of those around me. Feeding others is my love language and after being encouraged for years by those that know me well – I am finally listening!

You can officially purchase my brand new eBook “Dorm Food Sucks & My Kids Are Starving: A Step by Step for Young Adults to Figure It out in the Kitchen”

You will find…What to cook, where to find recipes they’ll actually like, what to buy to set up their kitchen, and which gadgets are necessary and which are not.

Well…this book has ALL of that for you & so much more!

Here’s a sneak peak into the eBook below…

Three Kitchen Essentials for Every Home Cook:

With those three things – any kid can navigate hundreds of recipes & meals worth Instagramming (or Snapchatting) about to their friends!!

I could list 10 sheet pan meals for you right now that could be created on just that one pan & for only about $22 bucks(the cost of the pan) – that’s a lot of bang for your buck!!

From saving money, saving time & saving yourself from those “I don’t know what to cook” text messages from your kids away at college,this resource is for you! Make sure to grab your copy of  Dorm Food Sucks & My Kids Are Starving: A Step by Step for Young Adults to Figure It out in the Kitchen

I cannot wait to see what you cook! And for those of you that do purchase, I will be sending out monthly tips and tricks as well as recipes and weekly meal plans. And if there is something special you want to know or talk about, hit reply on this email – I love talking about pretty much anything!!

PS Don’t forget to snag your Copy of my brand new eBook HERE... a portion of sales will be going directly to Homeboy – a fabulous Los Angeles based charity!

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