Do You Know What Stage You Are In???


Do you know what Stage your are in?

Whether your are building a business or want to start one – these stages are the building blocks that anyone can apply to starting, building and growing a successful personal brand that identities YOU.

I would say that most of the women that I work with are wanting to pivot. Meaning that they have worked in the past at a career that they loved but have a burning desire to take their experience and niche it down into what they are truly passionate about.

We all have a hidden something inside of us that always draws us back to that special little place that makes us feel like we are “home”. 

Take me for example. I have been developing, creating, marketing and selling products since I was 7 years old. There is nothing more satisfying to me than taking an idea transforming it into an actual 3D product and then sharing it with those that I love. That was how my successful, multi-million dollar life style brand started and grew to what it was over it’s 20 year life cycle. It was just an idea. I wanted something special for my friends who were having their first baby but couldn’t find it in the market place – so I made it!!

Today I help women just like yourself build out their personal identity and I approach each one of them with the same framework I have created, but tailor their path to what they are wanting to build.

On the other side of that, I have always loved to cook and bake. At the same time that I was developing my first product, I also baked my first cake from scratch. Using one of my mom’s 5 cookbooks I baked a birthday cake for my dad. 

I was 7. 

Being in the kitchen is that feeling of being “home” and it is a place I retreat to when I want to decompress and relax. So, for you, what is that place inside of you that is always calling  your name? Who are you aside from your career, job, mom duties, caretaker and the list goes on? What in all of those roles lights your butt on fire and makes your heart go pitter pat?

If you are not fully and completely sure – then I have 5 action steps you can take today to start to figure it out!

1. What is the fantasy? I mean come on – we all dream. We all sit in our bedroom or drive down to where ever we are going and say, “what if”….Am I right?

Go and ask yourself – “if you could be anyone or do anything – what would that be? Write down the fantasy – because the fantasy can become a reality. And we all know when you write something down – amazing things can happen!

2. What’s your a la carte? Whether you have a huge career or you are/were a stay at home mom – there were always other things you liked to do on the side, right? For me – I love to meal plan/prep and bake for friends. But I don’t only bake – I like to package it and tie it up with  a bow and create branded sweet notes that go along with it. That is just my thing! 

What’s your thing? What do you like to do “a la carte”? What is it that brings you more joy than anything else and if you could, would monopolizes your day? Go ahead – write down three things.

3) Who do you admire in that fantasy space? Who do you dream about being on a talk show panel with (come on – we know you have imagined this)? I challenge you to write down 3 people or brands you would want to emulate.

4) Whose your business crush? If you had the chance to talk that CEO or entrepreneur (in question 3) – what would you ask them? What would be those 5 burning questions that you would want to know answers to? Go on…write them down!

5) What does 5 years from today look like? Now that you have accepted that you can build a personal brand centered around your unique YOU – what does that look like? Where will you be with this in 5 years?

You have work to do, my friend! Now go and grab your pen and paper and get busy.

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happy Monday!

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