Do You Have A Personal Brand?

Have you identified who you are and what your own personal brand is?

All of us have a unique and individual voice. We all have something to share and although it might sound like something your neighbor is saying, the way you say it and the perspective you give to it, makes it your own. We are all trying to figure stuff out and it’s important that we all tap into what we are meant to do.

At one of my recent workshops, I introduced an exercise that asked some pretty basic questions. However, the responses that were shared were nothing short of raw, honest and truthful. What was so clear and evident was that most of the women in the room were yearning for something more, but simply didn’t know how to get there. So, instead they found a way to be content in what they were currently doing. Status quo is so damn comfortable. It doesn’t require a lot of thinking. I know, because I have spent times in that status quo and it’s so much easier to live there, in that space, rather than seek out something that is not a sure thing. Living in the fantasy is simply a picture you paint. Acting on that image is fucking scary. One can not really do it until they are super ready to get uncomfortable. 

I have spent the last 2 1/2 years being horribly uncomfortable. Anyone out there want to chat about being uncomfortable – call me, DM me, PM me, send me an email – just find me. I love talking about being in this state. Being uncomfortable forced me to take a hard look at what was and because of that I am FINALLY moving the needle. MOVING the needle is EXHILERATING, INSPIRING, and necessary if we want to do great things. We are all meant for greatness and that greatness can only be defined by YOU.

I am showing other women, just like me, that they too can get to where they want to go. The key is, is that it is never about our timing…it’s not about when we want it. Staying on that path and staying is focused, persevering and trusting – will get you there. It might take you 2 years or 5 years or longer. I am 58 and I am just getting there. Had it come any sooner I would not have been ready for it.

So my advice to you, is get super duper clear on what it is you want. Until you are clear, it will not manifest. Then create the plan. I have helped and am continuing to help so many women create their very own blueprint for what it is that will be uniquely theirs. In order to do that, we break it down into 4 easy, actionable steps. 


This is Step One in the identifying process. From there, should they choose to dive a little deeper – we head into Step Two and so on. I have found a way to take what I know and what I have experienced and weave it into a creative way of teaching, showing and sharing. This is the ultimate form of collaboration and I cannot do it with them and they cannot do it with out me.

So…what are you dreaming about? Drop a comment below and let’s see if we can, inch by inch, begin to move your needle!

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