Did You Know…

A little something you may not know about me – I had a design and lifestyle brand for 20 years(and I wrote a book for Clarkson Potter). Most of what I created came from simply tapping into my creative, intuitive and authentic side. Because of that, I created a category where there was none before. I have been called the “Black Swan” of that industry and learning from that experience has carried me to where I am today.

28 years ago, working with the writer and director, Nancy Meyers, on one of her MANY fabulous hits, Father of the Bride Part II, was one of the many highlights of that chapter of my life. Then, having Martin Short hang out with me in my flagship retail store on Montana Ave, to film a segment of Access Hollywood was equally joyful.

Where you are in life never defines you. It is simply a catalyst or building block to where you are going. This experience, as well as building a brand – which began in my parent’s garage – was one of the huge bricks that has helped lay the foundation for where I am today.

Don’t get stuck in what isn’t and instead recognize what is. All the pieces will ultimately fall into place – if and only if you have the perseverance, the grit and the drive to continue down your lane.

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  • Randi

    I DID know that about you and I always bragged about that Lil Folk Art nursery in the movie. I love seeing what you are doing now, Susan. Beautiful stuff. Xo

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