Dayna and I met when our #1’s were about 2 years old in a toddler class at our pre-school. Meeting her, along with our core “group” was and still is – magical. These women became and still are – my people – and I love all of them!

Dayna and I bonded over our love for Yoga, cooking, a homeopathic approach to life and health and a few simple values. She has always had a sweet, quiet and gentle vibe and it was no surprise when she and her family packed up their Beverly Hills home and first moved to Hawaii and after a few years, settled in Bend, Oregon. Geography did not keep us a part and our friendship continues to stand the test of time!

In work and in life, Dayna Taus, M.A., draws upon a diverse set of skills and experience. Her educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology and certifications in addictions counseling and yoga instruction.

Since 1995, Dayna has worked with teens and young adults as a college counselor and a mental health counselor. Today, she works with teens as they transition from high school to college and helps them navigate this very daunting process. When she is not working or traveling, Dayna can be found skiing, kayaking, playing tennis or on her yoga mat. Dayna strives to create a community through dance, art, sports, friendship, music, laughter and respecting all living beings. She’s an awesome chick! And if you don’t know her – you should!!


What is your greatest weakness?

Marketing myself

What living person do you most admire?

The Dalai Lama

What is your favorite activity/exercise?

Yoga, skiing, tennis and pickleball

Favorite Cocktail?

Kombucha, vodka, lime

What inspires you?

Connection with my close friends and my community.

What do you most value in your friendships?

Openness, creativity and acceptance.

What is on the top of your bucket list?

Living abroad

What is on your reading list/ night stand/ currently reading?

“I’m fine and neither are you” “How to change Your Mind”


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