Day 14: Killer Kugel

The New York Times "Killer Kugel" Recipe is just that! | @Susan Salzman

I started loving my carbs at a very young age. I liked my grandma’s kugel, but what I liked better was how she warmed it up for me the next morning. She would put a ton of butter in a pan, slice a thick piece of her kugel, and fry it up in the pan. Not that the kugel needed any more fat than it already has, but man oh man, this was good. I have carried on this tradition and my kids, for the first time after tasting this kugel, they like it exactly the same way.

The first night of Hannukah is Tuesday, the 16th and kugel will be one of the many dishes on my dinner table.

N.Y Times Killer Kugel Recipe




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