Cola + Jam Spareribs=FFwDorie

I do not make pork ribs often.  Actually, I never make pork ribs.  That is something I save for eating at really good Bar-B-Que joints, such as; Dr. Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas BBQ, Outdoor Grill, Chego, and Manna Korean.  But when my kids heard that baby back ribs were on the dinner menu, their smiles were bigger than their faces!

It’s Friday and today is the day where I cook with friends across the globe.  What I love most about French Fridays with Dorie is reading everyone elses perspective on the same dish. Bloggers like; Life is Full, Don’t forget your Lunch, French Whisk, Miss Kris Kitchen, and countless others all threw their chefs hat into the ring, made the same dish, but all with their own twist.

This dish has few ingredients, it’s left alone in the oven, for hours, and it’s down right delicious. I was able to find organic Cola at Whole Foods (no corn syrup), and used up some orange marmalade that I had on hand.  The combination of the sweet from the marmalade, the bite from the fresh ginger, and the acid from the orange juice, creates a wonderful carmelization that makes you feel as though you are eating something that sat hours on the grill.

I served these with a batch of homemade macaroni and cheese, an asian slaw, and big pitcher of fresh lemonade.  It was a great weeknight meal.  While the ribs did their thing in the oven, I helped the kids with homework and school projects and my stress level was way down.  Sometimes you just got to keep it simple.  And, although, these ribs are not simple in taste, preparing them was one of the simplest things I have done in weeks.

Cola + Jam Spareribs
around my french table
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  • Lucy Lean

    Don’t you just love Dorie!

  • nana

    I’m glad you all enjoyed the ribs. The recipe is really quite easy and once in oven
    you can get many things accomplished. Unfortunately both Tricia and I thought
    the flavors did not work. We all like regular BBQ, but it’s good to try different
    flavors and that is what FFWD is all about.

  • susie

    thanks! can they be done with beef ribs?

    • Susan

      Hi Susie! I am sure they can be done with beef ribs. I will do a little research to see what the cooking time would be…I will keep you posted. Thanks!

  • Adriana

    What a beautiful picture! We also liked the ribs, although I should have seasoned mine a bit more with salt and pepper.

  • Amanda

    These definitely look mouthwatering… and the homemade mac and lemonade? PERFECTION! 🙂

  • Reply

    I have been seeing these ribs around the web & they look amazing! LOVE that you used the natural cola from Whole Foods. Gorgeous photo too!

  • Sis Boom

    Great photo! It makes me want to make this one again. I’m not a fan of regular bbq sauce so this suited me just fine. I subbed in a nice indian chutney I had and it was perfect.

    • Susan

      Indian curry, what a great flavor idea! I am happy to have these in my repertoire!

  • Kim

    These ribs looks great! I saw these in my book, and now, I want to cook it!

  • Cher

    Wasn’t it great how easy & mostly hands-off these were? I actually did all of June’s FFwD in one weekend & loved how I could fit them all in without stressing.
    That first picture looks great.

  • Teresa

    We really enjoyed these. I used a cane sugar cola – couldn’t bring myself to buy a Coke. We never make ribs, but these were so easy and tasty that we’ll definitely be making them again.

  • Betsy

    Your menu sounds mouth-watering. I love mac-and-cheese as a side to BBQ. I’m glad you found non-corn-syrup cola. I was disappointed with these myself. There’s always next week with a new recipe.

  • Lana

    I feel the same about the pork ribs as you do – I prefer to let the experts do the job:) My husband is from the South and therefore very particular to spare ribs. I am glad you found them simple and rewarding, as I was a bit reluctant to make them (my work schedule is crazy – I miss my FFwD peeps:(
    BTW, we are stuck with homework for another 2 weeks, too, and I cannot wait for California summer to start! Have a great week, neighbor!

  • Kathy

    Glad you enjoyed the ribs. We also enjoyed them but I thought they lacked a bit of a kick. Your photos are wonderful! Nice post!

  • Reply

    Wow. These look mouthwatering!

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