Coffee Ice Cream

I have so many egg yolks crowding my fridge at the moment.  Between the macaroons and my scrambled egg whites in the mornings, I probably have about 14 yolks on hand.

The best way to use lonely egg yolks is to make ice cream.  Eli choose coffee and Isaac choose mint chip ( I have to get some more fresh mint).

For this recipe, I had to seep the coffee beans with the milk, sugar and some of the cream for an hour.  My house smelt like Peet’s!  I am not a coffee drinker, but there is something about the smell of fresh coffee beans that is so intoxicating

This recipe is from my guy, David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop.  I love this book.  The photos are perfect, the paper is perfect and the recipes are so friendly.  I often search the internet for ice cream recipes, but none are as concise as his.  Plus, his writing is brilliant.  If you haven’t visited his blog, you must.

This is the creamiest, lightest coffee ice cream you will ever eat.  I am not a lover of ice cream (would rather eat a hunk of chocolate), but…this was spoon lick’n good!

A little history on my Yogi Bear spoon.  I have had it my whole life.  I love this little spoon.  He had a friend, a Huckleberry Hound spoon.  The other day, I was telling Isaac the story of how much I loved this spoon as a child and how he had a mate.  When I was packing up my mom’s house last year, I couldn’t find Huckleberry.  Isaac confessed that on one of his many sleepovers at Nana’s house he made a an experiment.  He told me that he froze the spoon in some ice concoction and when he tried to pull the spoon out of the experiment, the spoon cracked in half. He had no idea how sentimental I was about both of these spoons.  The way he told the story was so endearing that the only thing I could do in that very moment was hug him.  I will miss my Huckleberry spoon, but I am grateful that Yogi has lasted as long has he has!

  • Heidi Smith

    omg I HAD one of those!!! I completely forgot about that thing until I saw this. wow memories 🙂

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