Coffee – Chocolate Milk Shakes

I was in Cost Plus today and found these fun, cute straws.  I had to buy them.  My kids like to use their straws.  Yet, these are just too fun to waste.  They deserved a special after school snack.

Both Eli and Isaac had friends over after school today.  I put the straws to the test.  I made coffee – chocolate chip malts.  Growing up, my dad loved making malts for me and my friends.  He never measured anything and just threw stuff into the blender.  My personal favorite was his coffee malt.  I loved malt powder.  I remember eating it with a spoon right out of the glass jar.  Couldn’t imagine doing that today, however when you are 12, why the check not?  What I also remember are Horlicks Tablets.  They were similiar to a malted milk ball, but without the chocolate coating, they were flat and they were much more dense.  I can still feel the way they felt when I bit into them.  They were so addicting.  I ate them like candy.  I just read on Wikipedia that they promoted sleep.  Wish I had a jar of those today for little Levi!
For our shake today, I chopped some good bittersweet chocolate (callebaut) and threw it into the blender after everything was combined and smooth.  Blended until just combined.  Then poured into glasses topped off with this festive straw.  Too bad we are all not on lounge chairs on  a beach in Kona.
Everyone was joyful!
Levi needed 2 straws

Coffee Malts


• coffee ice cream
• organic whole milk
• 1-2 Tbls. malted milk powder
• a little splash of chocolate syrup
• 2-3 oz. of good bittersweet chocolate


• put desired amount of ice cream in the blender.  add milk (about 1/4- 1/3 the amount of ice cream).  blend to smooth – you may have to add a dash more milk.
• when smooth add your malt powder + chocolate syrup
• add chopped chocolate, blend
• pour into desired glasses

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  • Jill Swisher

    what a perfect picture!! Coffee Choc. malts are also MY all time favorite!! And I loved malt as a kid, still do! A Milkshake is no comparison to a Malt!! I love you blog, and your photos!!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to make these. We love malts in our home…they bring back such great childhood memories! Your pictures make me wish I was sipping on one right now! xo, mindy

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