Clarification = Power


“The writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads it” . ~ Dr. Seuss

A personal brand and or identity is pretty much necessary in 2020. The volcanic eruption with social media, content, live videos, webinars, zoom teleconferencing calls, Tik Tok and everything in between – if you are not over sharing – you’re losing out.

I don’t mean oversharing in the sense of the day to day bullshit of one’s life, but oversharing in a way that others – especially strangers – are getting to know you. Because if you have a product or a service – you have a unique and identifiable brand and message. It’s up to you and the choices you make on how you share it.

Let’s say you create one of a kind hair bows. Are you even aware of how many people are selling and sharing about their custom bow business on Instagram? CRAY CRAY! Anyway – I am not into bows (I have a house full of boys) but if one of them shared in a creative and inventive way,  with a clear and identifiable POV and message – you’re sure as shit I am going to check them out!

We are a visceral culture and a “read the headlines” generation(ALL OF US – age has no bearing here) and if you are not wowing them, drawing them by way of storytelling and letting them know a bit about you – beyond the crap that you are hustling – it is possible you will lose them to your neighbor who is sharing/selling the same EXACT thing!

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