Chocolate Frogs – One of the 10 Plagues

We had a community Sedar at our Temple the other night.  They decided last week that it would “cute” to put chocolate frogs on all the tables (all 17 of them).

It is Passover, after all and Frogs are the 2nd of the 10 plagues.  Plus they are cute.  They represented well!

After researching, there was going to be no way we were going to get them in time.  Plus, there was no way we were going to be able to get the quantity that we wanted.  I volunteered myself, again. After calling all the candy and baking stores in and around Los Angeles, I found only 4 frog molds.  They weren’t really what I had in mind, but they had to do.

I went over to Surfas and bought 6 pounds each of white chocolate, milk chocolate and bittersweet chocolate (all callebaut) and dusted off the tempering machine.

It took me all weekend to temper about 13 lbs of chocolate and make over 400 frogs.  At the end of the evening there wasn’t a frog left in site!

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  • NikiTheo

    Oh my gosh, that’s crazy!!! I love frogs btw, and think I’d have a hard time biting into one. This from the girl who also got an “F” in biolgy b/c I refused to disect an already dead frog. I have issues… but I digress, those are the cutest frog chocolates! I’m glad they were a hit! (Even if people were eating all the cute little guys!)

  • Andre @ CocoaSensations

    That chocolate frogs were so cute and I think this is the cutes frog chocolate I’ve ever seen. They looks so fabulous. Nicely done.

  • Jo

    Can you tell me what baking stores in LA you got the frog molds from? Thanks!

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