Chocolate-Dipped Florentine Shortbreads

Chocolate Dipped Florentine Cookies #xmasfavorite #gifting | @Susan Salzman |

These are scary. Scary good! I found this recipe in an old Food and Wine (recipe here) magazine. I found it by accident. I am sure I missed it when I originally got this particular issue of F & W in the mail. I am sure because I had never really “read” my magazines. I was simply happy with getting them and then watched them pile up on my nightstand, collecting dust. I am in the process of going through ALL my magazines. I cut out and save the recipes I want to try and put them in a spiral drawing pad. I have one pad for “photo inspiration”, one for “recipes to try” and one for “packaging ideas”.
I love my new system. It is forcing me to not succumb to the mundane. It is so easy for us to get into a rut, especially when it comes to cooking for our family. I try really hard to introduce different and savory foods to our kids each week. I always make an old favorite, but for the most part, I am constantly trying new recipes. There are 5001 ways to make chicken, don’t you agree?
This is the one cookie (for my holiday cookie extravaganza) that I actually assembled and baked. I toyed with the idea of just making and freezing the raw shortbread crust. However, once I made the crust, I just decided to follow through and complete the task. Plus I wanted to give them the full taste test. Glad I did. I will be getting more almonds cuz I have a feeling that this particular batch is going to disappear, quickly. These cookies are so good that even Isaac (the king of savory) swooned when taking his first bite. These are going to the top of “household favorites”.
Make these immediately!
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  • Lisa

    these sound so good, but where the hell do i find chestnut honey?

  • Amy

    These look so delicious, I will definitely be making these for my Mum as she loves Florentines with chocolate.

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