Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

I first saw these being made on an episode of Martha Stewart about 2 years ago.  I have been wanting to make these ever since and I am using Valentine’s Day as the perfect excuse to challenge myself.  I have made marshmallows in the past and happen to really like my recipe.  Yet, I choose to follow this recipe exactly.

On the Martha Stewart website (recipe here) they look perfect.  I have recently gotten into the habit of reading recipe reviews.  These reviews were mixed.  Prior to starting this project I knew it could potentially be a complete and utter disaster.  I was right.  After dipping about a dozen marshmallows into the fudge, I gave up.  I cut up the remaining marshmallows, mixed them with some marcona almonds and poured the fudge mixture over it.  I let it set and cut them into squares.

Fudge anyone?

The best part about this recipe was the marshmallow fluff. Levi couldn’t help putting his finger in it every time he walked by the bowl.  This fluff would be a good center for a cream filled cupcake.   Hmmmmm….may have to be Eli’s birthday cupcakes this year!

Don’t make these.  Go on line to Fun in the Sun and order a pound box of their caramel covered marshmallows, in all flavors and enjoy your day.  These were a childhood favorite  of mine and I continue to indulge myself whenever we go to the desert!

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