Cherry Squares and Lots of Tears

This day was bittersweet.  One of our most favorite and beloved teachers, Mrs. Stephanie Thyer, has decided to move to Australia.  Our special little community planned a picnic, at a local park and the turn out was impressive.

I wanted to make something that would feed a crowd. I decided to make something from The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook. I have not always been successful, nor particularly like what I have made, but wanted to try it, none the less.
As I have mentioned before, I love anything with cherries in it.  This sounded really good and somewhat easy.  This was like a cross between a bar and a cake.  
After pouring the batter into the prepared pan, you score it in order to place the cherries.  Kind of makes sense!
Eli gave this dessert a 10+!
Although, Eli, never had Stephanie as a teacher, they have a special bond.  Stephanie and Eli’s 5th grade teacher, Melissa, are the best of friends.  Their two classes did everything together; work, play and fun!  Eli is super sad and each day, looks off in to space and mutters to me, “I am going to miss Mrs. Thyer”.  He and I may have to plan a trip down under!
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  • Jennifer

    Beautiful post! those squares look amazing!

  • tastestopping

    These look beautiful. What a nice tribute to your friend and teacher!I’m writing to tell you about my new site called TasteStopping. It’s a place to publish food photos that have been rejected by the other sites (like TasteSpotting, FoodGawker, etc.) It’s a lot of fun. I hope you’ll come by and check it out.Best,

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