Valentine’s Day is around the corner and although I planned on making a host of cookies and candies this year, I couldn’t motivate.  I knew I wanted to make caramels and even though I LOVE my caramel recipe, I was up for something new.  I found this recipe on (recipe here).  I liked it because it made, what seemed to be, thousands of individually, wrapped gooey goodness.  With that said, it took FOREVER to complete this process.  I guess with both 4 cups of sugar and corn syrup one is bound to be in the kitchen for half the day.  I did, in fact, read the recipe prior to making it, but I went ahead with it anyway.  I am glad I did because I am really happy with the outcome. Next time, I will save this task for a rainy day.

What I love most about making caramels is watching the colors change. You start out with your sugar, water, corn syrup and salt in a large, heavy duty pan.  It starts out opague.  Then turns milky in color.  Once it starts boiling it goes from that milky white, to opague (again) and then gradually starts turning tan, then a light amber and finally a deep amber.

Today I tested the caramel along the way.  After the cream and butter were added the mixture had to reach about 240ish degrees. I wanted to see what it would be like at different stages (220, 230, 235, 240, 242).  I love caramel in all shapes and sizes.  By testing the consistancy along the way, I was looking for the best consistancy for caramel apples.  I think around 232 would be a good place to start for apples.  I will try it and let everyone know what the outcome is.

The recipe doesn’t call for it, but after the caramels set for about an hour, I sprinkled them with a little Fleur de Sal.  Isaac just ate 4 of them.  I think he likes them!

Packed up and ready to go to all of those that we love and adore.
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  • Lisa!

    funny enough, i’m sitting here eating one of those delicious caramels. as yummy as they were and as much as i wanted to eat both of them at the movies yesterday, i’m SO glad i saved one for today.

  • Carol

    can you post the recipe for the carmels

  • The Urban Baker

    HI Carol, If you read the blog post, you will see in the first paragraph, about 10 lines down (recipe here). Click on the “here” and it will take you to the recipe.Thanks for the interest! Susan

  • Monica

    Do you think that these would be okay to ship to Austria and sit in an airplane/truck for 6-10 days? I want to send them to a friend there and I was thinking that if I wrapped them and put them in a tin they would be okay. I have looked at this recipe and the one from Gourmet Oct. 2004 and haven’t found anything about these being held at room temperature for days. Can you be of any help. Thanks! Monica

  • Susan

    Hi Monica – sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Yes, I think, if wrapped well in their waxed paper wrappings and then pacakaged properly, these would travel well. I am so anxious to hear how this works out. Please get back to me and let me know what you decide to do (and be sure to keep some for yourself)!

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