Brownies with a Peppermint twist

I found this recipe on Tastespotting. I like to surf the sight now and again. Sometimes, when I am really inspired, I submit a few of my own creations.

I offered to bake for a friend of mine who has a hair salon. Each Friday in the month of December, she is hosting an Open House to celebrate the holidays. I offered to bring treats each Friday. I felt her platters of cheese, crackers, fruit and nuts needed a little something sweet. She, happily, agreed! . I think this is a perfectly appropriate treat for her event!
This is kind of the perfect brownie (recipe here). The base is good enough on it’s own, however would be the perfect base for almost any topping. I am going to make these again, however do a s’mores version with homemade marshmallows! Will let you know when that creation arrives.
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  • Chocolate Shavings

    I just published your photograph on the tastespotting website. I’m glad you found something to try out at home on our pages!

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