Brenda Holzke

Brenda and I met in 8th grade. She and I went to different middle schools, but we had mutual friends that brought us together. Brenda and I instantly connected and became fast and best friends. We are so much alike on so many levels; creatively, culturally, and everything in between. She was pretty and flirty and the boys loved her. And she was fun! She knew who she was, early on and went off to art school while I took a more traditional route and landed in a huge UC campus. We were both building brands at the exactly the same time and were both wildly successful. We stayed in tough, on the surface during that time, but supported one another throughout. Although our friendship zigged and zagged over the last 40 years, we have remained bigger and better than friends.

Today, Brenda is a thriving fine artist. Her purpose in creating artworks is to connect through her heart and not her head. She prefers to challenge herself through methods and mediums.

While working with clay, she is in a constant state of rebellion. She pushes the limitations of this medium at every stage of creation. Knowing that the clay is in control, she welcomes the cracks and flaws with open arms. Embracing them as beautiful decay. Thus her approach to her work is through honesty, clarity and trust.

Brenda’s loyalty to her work, her family, her art can be seen in every piece that she creates. And I am just lucky enough to call her my friend.


What is your greatest weakness?

Besides Chocolate, French fries and ice cream, I find myself wanting to control people, places and things.

What living person do you most admire?

My 82 year old mother. She is fierce in living her life. Always positive, she stays active and current. Constantly on the go, whether it is going on an intensive 2 week safari to Africa or driving around town to attend cultural events, she never tires. She is the go to for advise and inspiration, my mom is a shining star to her family and friends.

Who is your favorite character in a movie?

Peekay from The Power of One.

What are you binge watching?

Homeland, Silicon Valley Peeky Blinders, McMafia, Billions

App you use the most?

Overdrive, a free app for Audio book usage through the Library

What is on the top of your bucket list?

An artist residency in Italy, followed by a road trip throughout the country

I surprise myself when…

I remain calm and collected when highly agitated

What is your Mantra?

I have many, but my favorite has to be “Nothing can change when you’re comfortable”.


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