Presentation is Everything! Where to buy boxes, vessels, ribbons, and more

Presentation is everything and I love packaging supplies. Sharing some of my favorite resources hoping to inspire the DIY in all of us | @Susan Salzman
For me, presentation is everything. The cookies inside the box can be good but they are not great unless they are presented well. I spend lots of time (and extra loose change) on ribbons, boxes, tissues, bags,anything that adorns a box and gives it a life of it’s own.
Ribbons, Bows, and More - My favorite accessories for gifting and packaging | @Susan SalzmanI have received many personal emails regarding my resources. I have tons. However, I have a select few that I frequent and adore. With the holidays around the corner, this would be as good a time as any to share my resources:
Nashville Wraps – This is my favorite place to buy boxes. I personally like these and these. I also love their ribbons (the grosgrain)
Baking Boxes is another great source. They are a bit more expensive, but their selection of colors are spectacular.
Papermart is a fabulous resource and if you live in Los Angeles, they deliver the next day. I buy their coffee bags in bulk  as well as their cellophane bags. And their ribbon selection has a wide variety of both size and color. Crimpled paper shred is a good alternative to styrofoam popcorn for filling crates, tins, and boxes.
More sites that inspire me:
Fancy Fleurs – they are one of the few sites that has colored parchment/tissue.
Atlantic Sales – great for tins, but you have to buy in bulk. Try and piggy back your order with a friend.
Specialty Bottle Company – I love this site for vessels of all kinds.
I hope this helps.
Happy gifting and baking!!

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