Blueberry Muffins

For months, Isaac has been bugging me to make blueberry muffins. Every time I get into the kitchen, he comes sauntering in, asking “is it blueberry muffin
day?” Today was blueberry muffin day.
I made the recipe for Blueberry Crumb Muffins out of Nick’s The Modern Baker. I liked this recipe because it didn’t require ingredients that I had to run out and get (sour cream, yogurt). The wet ingredients were easy enough; eggs and milk.
The kids ate their typical Sunday morning breakfast of bagels and lox. However, left tons of room in their belly’s for a huge muffin.
Along with whipping up a batch of these muffins, I also started preparing doughs for Halloween. I made two sugar cookie doughs from Sherry Yard and my favorite sugar cookie dough from Rose Levy Beranbaum. I also made a batch of doughnuts that are flash freezing in my freezer as I write this.
My kitchen is clean and I am done for the day. Now I am off to relax!

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