Birthday Cupcakes

This year, for our school’s auction, I donated a years worth of baked goods, to be delivered to ones home, the first week of each month.  I am happy to say there was a little bit of a bidding war.  I am not a professional baker (just a little crazy and obsessed), so the fact that people were fighting over my sweet creations, was a little surprising.

A very, very good friend of mine ( I will refer to them as the G’s) got the winning bid.  I  know the money collected goes directly to the school ( a really good cause, especially since LA unified is in the toilet), but heck, she could have gotten the sweet treats without the winning bid.

Today was her son’s birthday party, whom also happens to be one of Isaac’s best friends.  I called her mid week, last week and suggested I make one of his favorite desserts for the party.  After all, my monthly baking obligation starts the first week of April.  We will just call this a little bonus for being my friend, and for my love for her son.

He wanted cupcakes.  Easy-peasy!  He wanted white cupcakes with white frosting.  No chocolate.  He requested a blue and orange theme.  I made my favorite vanilla cupcakes (see post ) with a super simple buttercream frosting (he also requested no cream cheese!).

Happy Birthday, Mister…. hope you had a fun day!


Buttercream frosting:


4 oz unsalted butter, softened
3 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
3-4 Tbls. milk


Mix first four ingredients in mixer.  Add milk to desired consistency (I added too much milk- I kind of blew it).

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  • Laura

    My 13 year old son and I made this frosting to top cupcakes we made for my daughter’s 16th birthday party, and it turned out great! Heeding your warning about not adding too much milk, we used 3 and a half tablespoons. The consistency was perfect. The frosting tasted delicious, and it made our cupcakes look professional! Thank you!!!

    • Susan

      I love that you and Owen made this frosting. What I love more is that you took the time to stop by here and tell me about it Happy birthday to marissa. Can I hire her to drive Levi around?? Xx

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