Being a Solopreneur is not that sexy!


Being a Solopreneur is not very Sexy!! What is lonely now will be rewarded later.

Who really likes working alone?

I am a committed and happy homebody. But, if we are all going to be honest here, collaboration is where it’s out. The group can be a very powerful thing. And that power comes from the verbal and mental volley. The back and forth. The creativity in the conversation is my fovorite place to be.

I have been working pretty much solo for about 18 years now. Connection, conversation, braindumping and creating is, for me, my soul’s energy. And when working with my clients, side by side, it was great. But there was no real beginning, middle and end.

I like the beginning, middle, and the end. The structure behind creating something from nothing is one of my favorite activities. Whether it’s baking a tart, outlining one of my digital course and the marketing that goes along with that or showing a client how they can go from point A to point B and then end up with the result at point C – ideating and building on that structure gets my juices flowing.

The loneliness creeps in when you are creating your vision all by yourself. I have built 3 businesses with no one by my side. When it was time for people to come hang out in my corner, that is when I was able to really start to scale my business.

But in the beginning it’s all you, baby! 

There is just not enough money to justify it and because you are firing at all cylinders, coming up with systems in order to bring that person in – in the most efficient way – is going to be one big cluster fuck.

Take it from me – I have had many cluster fucks and although it sucks in that moment – it’s when the most growth happens.

The learning is in the doing. The doing leads to action and when you get to that, the momentum kicks in.

What I have learned over the years is that most of you like the idea and want to be independent. “Oh, if I can only quit my 9-5 and build my empire – it would be so magical.”  It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and if you really want it bad enough you have to either have a really thick skin or grow some big balls. And once you commit to that – you will get there.

But you gotta start somewhere. And somewhere is unfortunately alone.

A few tips that first helped me and is now garnering great results with my clients are pretty basic and simple. You all need help and a fresh perspective in order for you to not abandon all your efforts. The whole build it from the ground up thing is scary, exhausting, and lonely. I am going to tell you what I tell many:

While you are building, ideating, creating – join some free, women’s networking groups. Start to figure out a way to articulate what you’re ideas are and what your vision is for that thing you are building. The more you can talk about it and put it out in the atmosphere, the clearer you are going to be on what is being responded to and what isn’t.

It’s okay to pivot. Just because you have one idea today and for some reason that idea takes on a whole new personality, that’s part of finding your lane. I bet some of your best ideas will be from that switch-a-roo. Get rid of that notion that you are all over the place and a Jackie of all trades. It’s all part of the process. You gotta kiss a lot of crowns before you find your queen. Nothing happens overnight(or in the first 4 years).

Talk to your friends. They know you the best and will give you some POV and hopefully tough love to help you move the needle. While at the same time, continue to cheer you on as you build your next big thing.

Find some podcast hosts or shows that inspire you. Some of the ones that really helped me when I was in the creating phase are;  How I Built This, 9 to 5ish with the Skimm, and Boss Files with Poppy Harlow. The guests are all  interesting and accomplished as well as scrappy. Being a solorpreneur is all about being scrappy; not taking no for an answer, figuing shit out, asking questions and continuing to learn, read, listen and grow.

Follow your Gut. Listen to your gut, don’t talk to it. Your head will talk your gut out of it. Tap into that center point, the one at the root of your belly – trust that one. And then surrender!

There you go! It’s truly that simple. Don’t over complicate everything!

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