Today I had the luxury of spending the day with Amanda. Amanda was Isaac’s T.A. in his kindergarten class (2006-2007). Our entire family adopted her and she remains a big part of our family. Amanda is now living in Memphis, getting her teaching credentials, so when she does come into town, we scoop her up.

Amanda loves my treats. However, today I had nothing to offer. We decided to bake together (so fun!). After picking Levi up from pre-school and the boys from beach camp, we didn’t have tons of time. We picked something we could whip up quickly. After sifting through a few books, we decided on marble cookies from Elinor Klivans The Big Fat Cookie Book.

Looking at the photos in the book, this cookie looked more like a crispy cookie. However, when baked, ours were flatter and more cake like. I was hoping for a crispy cookie. Hence, neither Amanda nor the kids complained. My kids were just happy to have cookies in the cookie jar!

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