A Workshop + A Revelation

Last month, at one of my workshops, the intention of the event was to allow ourselves to identify what we wanted to get rid of in 2019 and on the other side of that – what we wanted to attract for this upcoming, new year.

The inspiration for this event was unique. I have a client who has a very colorful and unique story. Part of my job as her business consultant is to help her craft her story and understand that what she had experienced was a tale that needed to be curated and ultimately shared. The home that she had owned and lived in had been used as a vessel for deception, lies and treachery. Unleashing and clearing the clutter of the emotional, psychological and physical damage that was done to her home and herself personally, over the past 17 years, was finally here. After a long battle, she was given the green light to personal liberation and because of that, she was now free to “gut” her home and rid herself of that past.

At one of our weekly sessions, she looked at me and said, “I am seeing my future and my new beautiful home and surroundings and I cannot wait to have a party, in my new space, to celebrate.” I looked at her and said, “why wait”?

The reality is, the people that she would want to invite to share in this event are all part of her inner sphere and know and love her for all that she is. They witnessed her pain as well as her joy and what better way to celebrate her stepping into this new season of her life, then to say goodbye to what was.

Thus, I suggested that we plan an event about 1) letting go of that that no longer serves us and 2) willing ourselves to manifest that that we want and deserve. I instructed her to go out and get all kinds of markers; big, small, fat and colorful markers – all shapes and sizes. These markers would the vehicles for us to write our intentions on all the walls of the main floor of her home. The wall that was going to be demolished and turned into rubble would have all our thoughts about what we wanted to eliminate from our lives. The other wall, the wall that would remain, would have all of those thoughts and ideas that we wanted to attract and manifest in this new year. This wall would ultimately be resurfaced and painted over during the remodel. Although she would not be able to see the words that were once written, the wall would be preserved and would continue to surround and embrace her as long as she continued to live in that very home.

The picture that you see above is just one little snippet of what we all created that night. It was an almost indescribable event full of honesty, raw emotion, vulnerability and strangers sharing with strangers in a way that I have never witnessed before. Originally, we had all come together to celebrate her and as we went around the room to share how we knew her, the unfolding of each of their own pain and discoveries were inspiring. And the more we spoke the bigger the vibration got and in that, we all realized that we have all walked into our path and our pain. And that pain is how we all learned to grow and it no longer defined us. Everyone overcame and were better and stronger because of it.

This was a huge Ah-Ha for me and because of that, so many workshops are on the horizon and more events like this will unfold. If you are interested in being a part of this very special experience, head on over to my contact page and shoot me a little note. I’ll put you on the list for upcoming events. And…I love collaborating – so if you have something coming up that you think I should attend – invite me!

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  • Brooke

    What a beautiful event and great intentions!

    • Susan

      Thank you, Brooke! I would love for you to come sometime! And reconnect! xx

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