A Podcast Playlist – A Little Something for Everyone!


Podcasts are my jamm. 

I am actually a “junkie”!

A podcast and a morning walk helped me heal after my cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2016 and this is when my shift started to happen. After listening to other storytellers tell their stories, I knew that in my heart of hearts, that I had a story to tell. Almost five years later, I am helping women all over the world realize and embrace that they have a story to tell as well.

Asking the right questions has allowed me to shift the POV of midlife and beyond women by tapping into their genius zone. In reminding them who they have always been, I am witnessing them remembering what it feels like to be in love with themselves!

So, enjoy this list of fabulous humans. And if you have some that you love, by all means share them with me. I’d love to add to this list!

Fantastic with Dana Carvey
Who doesn’t love Dana Carvey? I had the pleasure of working with him for about 5 years at the beginning of his career in the 80’s. He’s as nice as he seems. And more creative and brilliant than he appears. This podcast gets me through my mid afternoon walks. If you run into me, you will probably find me cracking up. My walks are sometimes cut short because I may have peed myself a few times.

How I Built This
If you are an entrepreneur, an innovator or a creative, you must put this on your playlist. The storytelling is perfectly  narrated. For all of us, life, business, creating is all a struggle and hearing these success stories kept me focused on pushing the boulder up the hill! Don’t give up!

Next Question with Katie Couric
Katie has interviewed everyone and they all seem to be her friends. She is so likeable and the way she asks questions makes you feel as though you are in the room. It’s warm, cozy and informational in all the good ways.

The Doctor’s Parmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.
He talks about culture, agriculture and our food system. I love this one. He simplifies the complicated.

Akimbo – Seth Godin
If you want to learn about social justice and find ways in which you can get involved – this is for you. He’s one of my favorite, smart people.

The StartUp School – Seth Godin
I am new to this – but it’s amazing. I wish I was one of the 30 in this group….sigh.

Skimm’d From The Couch
A long time listener, I love this for a lot of reasons; Carly and Danielle – 30 something’s who previously worked in news, interviewed some really cool people. Plus, the episodes are short – like 30 – 35 minutes and that seems to work for all of us – especially today!

Cherry Bombe
If you are a foodie, this one’s for you. Kerry Diamond, founder of the magazine Cherry Bombe, interviews the most creative and innovative humans in the food world.

Raising Kale w/Amber Stott
I have known Amber for 10+ years when we landed on a beach together in the Mayan Riviera for “Food Blog Camp”. I know…it was more fun than it sounds. She’s an amazing, selfless woman who has created a movement in her non profit to create jobs in order to end hunger. Tune in!

The Shrink Next Door
So good!!!! If you are obsessed with how humans get so manipulated that they not only lose everything they have worked for, but they lose themselves. Don’t miss this one.

The Midlife with Kimberly Samson
I know Kimberly personally and when I say her heart and her head are in each episode, don’t take that lightly. She vibrates what it in all our heads and if you want to feel better about yourself – listen up!

Podcasts have been a huge part of my growth over the past 5+ years. It’s the stories that I have heard and the books that I have read that has helped me become a better advocate for my clientes, friends, collegues and even my kids. Because of that, The Power of the Pivot Podcast is about launch into to our orbit and it is here where I will be sharing with you all the people and stories that I love, adore and admire.

Stay tuned!!

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