A new Mexican Wedding Cookie

Cooking dinner for 16 kids – all ages – can be problematic.  Stick to what they will eat.  Each and every child will find something to eat when cooking Mexican.  Dinner menu; tofu fajitas, chicken fajitas, black beans, rice, salad, quacamole, salsa.

This particular group of kids always expect dessert.  What better choice than Mexican Wedding Cookies?  I have been making the same ones for 25 years (Rose Levy Barenbaum’s).  Wanted to go out on a limb this go around and found a recipe on foodnetwork.com (recipe here) for one with pastry flour.  Plus this recipe is from two of my favorite chefs; M.S. Millken & Sue. Feniger!  Original gals from City Cafe and Border Grill.  If you don’t know them…check them out.  They are two cool chicks.

This recipe is FABULOUS.  This is my new go to Mexican Wedding Cookie recipe.  I must have eaten 10 of them before they made it to the kids!

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