4th of July Prep

We are having two sets of guest tomorrow. Don’t ask! In the morning, the kids invited the neighborhood kids over for bike decorating and a bike parade and then in the evening we are having “adults” for a BBQ. I have two different menus for each “meal”. Thought I would share my TO DO list with you:

The most fun thing that I made was the Jello.  I was perusing Tastespotting and I came across this recipe. As we were having 25 kids over for lunch on the 4th, I had to make this jello.  It was time consuming but managed to mutli-task as the layers were setting.  Next time I would make extra of the white layer and put it between the 1st blue layer and the 2nd red layer.  Although I made this with the kids in mind, the adults went crazy for it!  I am not a jello lover, yet this was pretty darn good!
Be on the lookout for more of my holiday themed jello !

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